What people are saying

“Shirley is an exemplary role model for colleagues in terms of her flexibility, responsiveness and adoption of best practice.”

Ministerial approval for the national Primary teachers training programme was confirmed during late April and May 2016 – the culmination of two years’ work led by Shirley who, in the words of Jeff Streeter, Country Director Egypt, showed, “considerable skill, patience and determination”, to achieve this crucially important result for Egypt and MENA.

Shirley is an exemplary role model for colleagues in terms of her flexibility, responsiveness and adoption of best practice – her approach to child protection and project proposal (gate stage documentation) have been cited as examples of best practice for the Egypt programme team.

Jonathan Gayther, Director English
British Council Egypt

“Shirley is a dynamic manager who can command complex logistics while all the while being flexible and capable of adapting to whatever comes up (and a lot can come up in W. Africa!).”

She brings to management cultural sensitivity, a deep concern for the needs and desires of her clients, and a willingness to listen.

Something of a polymath, she can pick up on training or conference content outside her own background very easily and work to structure organization in ways that respect the content and the presenters of that content.

Shirley has my highest recommendation.

Brock Brady, Sector Specialist
Peace Corps

“As an author Shirley was a complete professional.”

From an editor’s perspective she was a joy to work with, completing material on time and always willing to listen to feedback and adapt material accordingly. I would certainly recommend Shirley and hope to work with her again in the future.’

Sarah Curtis, Independent editor, examiner and trainer.



“Shirley is enthusiastic, co-operative and hard working.” 

We have worked together on a range of activities, including a policy dialogue event in Cape Town; the publication of a book which included input from 14 contributors in eight Francophone West African nations; and a baseline study into curriculum reform in the primary education sector in Gabon. This work required coordination with Ministries of Education, universities, teacher education institutions, teacher associations and international agencies.

Shirley is full of initiative and always responds promptly to developments. She is friendly and caring in her interactions with everybody, yet she is persistent in bringing tasks to a satisfactory conclusion and refuses to be unfazed by bureaucratic and other obstacles.

Hywel Coleman, OBE, Honorary Senior Research Fellow, School of Education, University of Leeds, UK.