ERAMUS+ Programme

International student exchange placements

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What’s new?

It’s been a busy time setting up the business but we have made lots of progress in the first three months. There’s the new website, the new co-working office space and lots of social media, community and professional activities.

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Join us in conversation with an international expert panel who share practical hints and tips on how to run an effective teachers association.

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International Day of Families, the importance of families, education and wellbeing to support the welfare of children is discussed by Omaima Ayoub.

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José Lobo-Fontalvo professor at the Atlántico University, Colombia, poses the question: How does language divide us and how might it keep us together? He explains why culture is important when we talk about Language Day.

Storytelling: The Three R’s

Alec Williams works independently as a storyteller, trainer, consultant, writer and speaker. Alec has always been an enthusiast for children’s reading, and his many years’ experience managing library services to children and education in the UK have given him an extensive knowledge of children’s books, and an appreciation of the power of stories.