Teach, Train, Transform






Helping teachers in sub-Saharan Africa, Latin America, the Middle East & North Africa


Improving teachers’ language skills.


Teacher training and methodology.


Designing sustainable teaching programmes.

Concorde Education Services works with teachers, policy makers and the public to boost existing teaching practices and improve English skills. Based in the United Kingdom, we support the UN’s initiative:
Transforming our world: 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development Goals.

Creating inclusive, quality education programmes for children affected by poverty, armed conflicts and other emergencies.

Sub-Saharan Africa

Our work in Sub-saharan Africa includes course and syllabus design.

Latin America

Our work in Latin America includes train-the-trainer programmes.

Middle East & North Africa

Our work in the Middle East & North Africa includes technical and vocational programmes.

“Shirley is an exemplary role model for colleagues in terms of her flexibility, responsiveness and adoption of best practice.”

Jonathan Gayther, Director English
British Council Egypt

“What is most impressive is the attention she pays to safeguarding, to ensure children are adequately protected.”

Stephanie Delaney, International Child Protection Consultant

“Shirley is a dynamic manager who can command complex logistics while all the while being flexible and capable of adapting to whatever comes up.”

Brock Brady, Sector Specialist
Peace Corps

We’ll work with you to improve the quality of your ELT, learning and assessment programmes.


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